• Born in Zurich in 1969, lives and works in Oberrieden.




  • Apprenticeship in sculpting, Zurich
  • Sculptor’s college, Mühlheim 
  • Ice-carving school, Houston, Texas
  • Academy de la Grande Chaumière, Paris



          Since 1997 – freelancing in his own studio



  • 2022 Represent in SIKART / swiss ART archive
  • 2018 VISARTE Swiss, professional association for the visuelle arts
  • 2013 Culture prize Oberrieden






          Work in public Space

  • 2013  Qingdao China. Marble sculpture
  • 2012  Ust Kamenongorsk, Kasakhstan. Granit sculpture
  • 2010   Museum Swiss Tourism/ Lijiang China
  • 2006   Hotel Mövenpick,  Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 2001   Stone sculpture in Alvor, Portugal
  • 2000   Copy of Sand sculpture in Concrete
  • 1999   Entrance Creation for the Hotel Saratz, Switzerland



          Exhibition / selection


  • 2023  Gallery Bachlechner, Groupexhibition, Bergdietikon, Switzerland
  • 2019  Gallery Mauritiushof, Groupexhibition, Bad Zurzach, Switzeland
  • 2018  Gallery B.Leupin Basel, Groupexhibition, Switzerland
  • 2017  Gallery Immaginazione in Brugg, Switzerland Group exhibition
  • 2016  Gallery Claudine Hohl, Zürich. Switzerland.
  • 2014 Group exhibition, Iron Art 2014
  • 2013  Group exhibition colliery Horgen,Switzerland
  • 2011  White Turf St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • 2008  Opening limitet edition for Migros

                       Group-Exhibition Hotel Saratz Pontresina

                       Group-Exhibition (Kunstwege-Pontresina)

  • 2007  Exhibition Artbar, Brugg, Switzerland

                       Gallery Marie Louise Wirth in Hotel Zurichber

  • 2006  Sculpture-Art / Exhibition in the Mediacampus of Zurich                                      Trendboulevard 06 / Art / Trend and Design-Exhibition Zürich   
  •  2005 Exhibition Castel Wertheim, Germany
  •  2004 Exhibition Gallery Felchlin Zürich

                        Exhibition Sonis Aureus Maag Hall Zürich with Julian Layn

  • 2002  Exhibition at la Baraque, Paris

                     Sculptore-Syimposium Pontresina, Switzerland


  • 2001  Participation at the Symposium in Pontresina, Switzerland

                        Group exhibition in Rorschach ``Haus zum Falken`` Switzerland





What drives those who create spatial images? Is it a desire to depict reality? The enjoyment of a sophisticated depiction? The autonomous creation of a body? Or even art itself? The motifs have been multi-layered since ancient times; their effects are always authentic.



An education as a stone sculptor forms the basis of Cla Coray’s work. Shaping the material which is uniquely able to show our society’s history and culture was to become his defining feature. His love and understanding of stone motivated him to continuously learn to work other materials: It is no accident that ice, sand, wood and iron added elementary materials which can fulfill his demands both by their versatile forming possibilities and by their inherent high quality. He successively expanded the range of specific design techniques and processing methods, expanding the limits of the craft which he originally learned into many dimensions. Even though he situatively works plastics or other non-traditional materials with his assured sense of style, Cla Coray is deeply drawn to materials which imply quality and also communicate through their worthy quality.



Realistic movement – calm dynamics – grave presence. The objects and sculptures are often based on large, generous concepts, but their story is also told in modestly dimensioned spaces as needed. Masses move mechanically in individual cases, but the subject which has been internalized with fascination is often atmospheric and symbolic. Cla Coray always forms his ideas on his own path, fittingly speaking to the observer with calmness and respect. It is pleasantly evident that the creator seeks atmosphere out of a deeply rooted desire, and finds it in a rich variety of concepts and forms.



The works share almost archaic and finely structured aesthetics – the solidity of the always carefully chosen material combines subtle elegance with lasting expression. The quality of the creation as well as the material itself becomes an integral part of the object. The design and creation process which requires a wide variety of skills becomes beautiful art in itself. Nonetheless, it is not the linear expression of a statement or symbolism, but seriousness mantled by liberal roguishness which speaks in Cla Coray’s sculptures.


S. Kessler