Industriel vitage sideboard
Vintage Sideboard, Wood and Iron. 2020

Coffee table

table, coffee table,stainless steel table ,iron table, cla coray
Table made in stainless steel
Piece of furniture made in black MDF and Aluminium
Piece of furniture made in black MDF and Aluminium


Bed driftwood
Bed, made of driftwood and old industrial scrap iron

The bed frame was built from driftwood to the desired dimensions. Old industrial iron connects the individual elements. Year of creation: 2012.   


Fotos. Adriano Tuozzo

bed driftwood old industrial scrap iron

Car Jack table

car jack small table
Old car jack table

Rebuilt, retired vehicle jack for heavy loads which now pumps cool beer. Integrated lighting. Year of creation: 2012.


Fotos: Adriano Tuozzo

car jack table
Car jack table

Chandeliers with Champagne glasses

chandallier design, champagne glasses
Chandallier with Champagne glasses

The chandeliers are individual creations which are first designed in a dialog with the customer. The shape of the chandelier and the glass pieces can be individually selected. Equipped with LED (RGB) lighting and remote control. Year of creation: 2009.


Fotos: Adriano Tuozzo

chandallier design, champagnr glasses
chandallier design, champagne glasses


Sidboard, small boulder
Sideboard made of iron and small boulder

The sideboard was adjusted to the situation, and the already present materials (stone and iron) were incorporated into the design. Year of creation: 2002.


Sideboard design,iron, small boulder

Bar with Barstool

Bar chair design
Bar and chairs made of iron,glas and felt

Design for a small home bar for five bottles and a barstool. Year of creation: 2001.


bar and chair